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Summer Practice

Current 7th-12th grade students  are eligible to participate in our NPDT programs


2023-2024 Winter Competitive Placement Try-Outs

Monday, October 23rd

Tuesday, October 24th

Wednesday, October 25th

times and locations TBD


Dancers should wear their hair in a bun, black fitted athletic/dance apparel, and jazz shoes for their auditions.

During our Winter Try-Outs, dancers will learn a kick and jazz routine as well as a few individual skills we will also want them to demonstrate during their Audition (including but not limited to: splits, pirouettes, a la seconde turns, leaps, jumps, and kicks).  Dancers' current ability, future potential, attitude, and effort will all be considered when making placements for our Competitive Teams.


Dancers will be placed into try-out groups on the first day and will be assigned to a half hour time slot for the Tuesday try-out.  Each dancer will also be scheduled a

5 minute conference time the following day (Wednesday) to go through their individual team placements, get feedback from the coaches, and review areas of improvement.


• Dancers who earn a spot with our Winter Competitive Program at Spring Try-Outs will have the opportunity to train with NPDT over the summer, join our fall performance team, and will be placed in KICK and JAZZ on the Varsity, JV or B Squad teams after October Placement Try-Outs.

• Some dancers may be on Varsity for one routine and JV or B Squad for another. 

• Being “In Formation” means a dancer is showing readiness to compete at the time of placements. This is not necessarily a secure spot and can be changed at any time, as needed. 

• A “Shared” position will be determined by coaches for dancers who may rotate in/out of a spot. 

• Dancers with a shared position will be learning the same choreography and position as another dancer. These placements are subject to change throughout the season depending on competition readiness. 

• An “Alternate” position is a dancer who will be shadowing another team member or in some cases, a few different spots. Alternates will learn all of the choreography, but at the time, it will be a position to allow for learning and growth.  

• These athletes will work on improving skills/form/flexibility/stamina, and have the opportunity to get into formation with other dancers to learn the flow of the dance and demonstrate individual improvement and readiness. 

• The dancer that is being “shadowed” will be a dancer in formation and competing. The dancer who is shadowing will be focused on improving and may eventually be moved to a shared position with another dancer, or placed in formation (depending on readiness). 

• All dancers may be asked to learn multiple spots during the season, depending on what is needed for the team.


Placements will be based on where the coaching staff can see each athlete reaching their full potential.  There may also be opportunities for movement between teams based on attitude, effort, and progress in ability level during the season. 

NPDT Spring Try-Outs 2024

Audition for our 2024-2025 Team

Dates / Times / Locations TBD

Learn a dance combo and work on skills while having fun getting to know new dancers!

On the first day you will learn the audition routine and on day two you will perform in various groups as well as go across the floor demonstrating a variety of skills.  These auditions are held for an assessment of dancers' abilities for potential placement and potential on the team. Please come in active wear/dance/work out appropriate attire, tennis shoes, and jazz shoes if possible.  Bring a water bottle with you as well.  Hair should be up in a secure bun.


If you are unable to make the Spring Try-Outs we are accepting video auditions as well.   

Please email: for more details. 

Dancers will be notified via email if they have been selected to be a part of the New Prague Trojan Dance Team.  Once you have made the team, there are a variety of opportunities for Summer Training, Fall Performance Team and Winter Competitive Team for you to be a part of. 

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